Government & Military Services

Ensuring the quality of your products stay intact

Ensuring a smooth tranisition with your military move

When you are making a government move, especially with the armed forces, trust goes a long way. With Reads you get experience Uncle Sam has trusted since 1955. We’re proud of our long tradition of service as a government move provider to our country. This includes work for the GSA (General Services Administration) and military personnel.

Reads also provides flexible options for government personnel who perform a DITY move (Do-It-Yourself Relocation). Count on these enhancements to make your government move a success:

Trailer Tracking: Satellite technology pinpoints the location of the trailer carrying your interstate shipment. Shipment Tracking gives you secure online access (24/7) to the location of your shipment.

Labor Certification: We conduct background checks on all Reads van operators and agency employees involved in handling goods. This means added security for military families.